About Us

I have been involved in Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavaliers since 1990, beginning in England with my first Cavalier, Revaliac Maxheadroom.

Since 1992, when LuckyCharm and Nordictouch were the FIRST CAVALIERS in MONTANA, a deep friendship and cooperation developed with Siv Jendresen of Nordictouch Cavaliers, which continues today.

Although we are a very small hobby kennel, we are serious about the breed & we have experience.

Since 1998, when I first entered the show ring, under Siv’s mentorship and guidance, I have finished 6 Cavaliers to AKC Champion Conformation titles, and 3 Cavaliers to their Canadian Kennel Club Champion titles.  In addition, we have ventured into the world of "Performance" and have earned AKC Canine Good Citizen, Beginner Novice and Rally Novice titles.  We plan to continue to show our dogs in Conformation and Performance venues with a goal to finish dogs to their Champion Titles in the USA and Canada.    We are proud of showing our home bred Cavaliers from the Bred-By-Exhibitor Class, and are working on our third generation of Champions from that class. From our home in central MONTANA, we also attend, show and support Cavalier Regional and National Specialty venues whenever possible.
All of our dogs & puppies are dual registered with American Kennel Club (AKC) and with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, USA (CKCSC). Begun in 1954, CKCSC is the first and oldest CAVALIER breed registry in the US. Member in good standing with CKCSC, I have been a member since 1994 and you can find me listed every year in the CKCSC yearbooks since 1994. I am also listed as breeder (in good standing) on www.ckcsc.org.      Siv & I are long time, established Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeders listed from MONTANA!   In 2009 I was accepted as an Associate Member of  the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, the AKC Parent Club for Cavaliers.  Aug 22, 2012 I was accepted as a regular member of that club.  After holding various board positions over the years, in March of 2010 I was elected as President of the Electric City Kennel Club, AKC Sanctioned All-Breed Dog Club in Great Falls, Montana. 

Our foremost focus is to better the breed on several levels. We show our own dogs and breed with the goal of producing Cavaliers who are sound physically and mentally and who are as good as or better than their parents. Top quality Cavaliers don’t just happen! They come from well-planned breeding from healthy, happy parents. . We do the required health testing to validate our sound, healthy Cavaliers. As important as what’s “under the hood”, the beautiful coat, large glowing dark eyes, and melting expression are recognized traits of all CAVALIERS clearly found in our boys and girls.

Over the last 18 years we have placed Cavalier puppies with happy families throughout the US.  Over the years we have attended numerous seminars and classes on handling , dog psychology , reproduction & obedience. Although most puppies will become much loved pets in family homes, we also have EXPERIENCE in picking out show potential puppies who will go to homes where they will begin a career in the show ring. These special Cavaliers are sold on co-ownership. This is meant to provide protection of our TOP QUALITY Pedigrees that we have spent years building. It also provides the new owners with mentoring from an Experienced Breeder and Show Exhibitor. We sell ALL pets only on spay/neuter with limited registrations. All of our puppies are permanently registered with my AKC and CKCSC Kennel Name "Luckycharm" . I am the only breeder authorized by AKC and CKCSC to use this kennel name and am not associated with any Cavaliers registered by any other breeder using any derivation of this name.

 We are continuing into 2013 with goals set and a healthy attitude towards * doing what is right for this breed * .