CH Magic Charm's Tuxedo

b: 03-26-2006


Magic Charm's Tuxedo is our beautiful tricolour boy who came to us from Unni Olson in Norway. 
Merlin is co-owned with Siv Jendresen.

Heart, Eyes, Hips, Patellas
CHIC# 53390
CERF current as of 12/04/2010
OFA current as of 6/20/2015
DNA Test for Curly Coat/ Dry Eye Syndrome - CLEAR Cert # CC4934
DNA Test for Episodic Faling - CLEAR Cert # EF4934

CH Magic Charm's Tuxedo

Nor CH Rickbury Royal Aristocrat

Eng CH Rickbury Tommy

Linjato Ace of Base

Eng CH Alberto of Kindrum

Linjato Moonlight Shadow

CH Ricksbury Royal Captive of Crossbow

Eng CH Lymrey Royal Reflection of Ricksbury

Bembridge Smooth N' Sharp at Ricksbury

Eng CH Ricksbury Royal Temptress

Eng CH Lymrey Royal Scandal of Ricksbury

Eng CH Emsmere Royalist

Eng CH Lymrey Top of the Pops

Bembridge Smooth N' Sharp at Ricksbury

Am CH Homertown Ever Hopeful at Millhill

Bembridge Rejoice

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Magic Charm's Millenium

Nord CH Magic Charm's Indian Warrior

Nord CH Pamedna Lord Louis

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Nor CH Magic Charm's Coft Caramell

Nor CH Magic Charm's Smell Charamell

Nor CH Con Calore's Magic Spring Charme

Tatanja's Sun Gold

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Stonehill's Violanda

Int & Sw CH Tatanja's Peace Rose

Dut CH Thomas Lamslad De Norlys

Stonehill's Susannah