CAN CH Rose Arbor Ina Garten at Luckycharm

b: 2 Dec 2009 

d: 6 Feb 2024


 Heart, eye, hip and patella clear
as of 06/22/2013
CHIC # 84722
DNA Test for Curly Coat/ Dry Eye Syndrome - CLEAR Cert # CC4940
DNA Test for Episodic Faling - CLEAR Cert # EF4940


We owe a GREAT BIG Thank you to Betzie Smith at Rose Arbor for this georgous girl.  She is definitely a "daddy's girl" and loves to watch the world from his lap, keeping an eye on her new surroundings, including Rosie, our cat.   Her favorite toy is a monkey that she drags around by its long arms and legs.    

Tessa has started her show career in Canada.  She was Winner Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex at Calgary Kennel & Obedience Club All Breed Championship Show, 11 and 12 March 2011.  Thank you to Judges Karsten Kaemling and Skip Stanbridge for recognizing the quality of this youngster.   We have great hopes for her.   

Tessa was Winner’s Bitch for a 3-pt major under judge David M. Krogh at Bonneville Basin Kennel Association Show in Farmington Utah, 18 Sep 2011.

Accompanying Sparky while he was still on "Fire", we showed Tessa in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada May 11-13. Mother's Day weekend must have been lucky for us, because Tessa was picked as Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex all three days, giving her the final points she needed to become Canadian Champion under Judge Barbara Dempsey Alderman. Thank you to all the judges.  Now our focus returns to our goal of finishing her Champion title in the US. 

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